Physical Rehabilitation and Exercise

This service is available in our specially designed gym run by our exercise physiologist.

Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies including reflexology and massage for cancer patients is available at the centre.

Psycho-Oncology & Counselling Service

Our psychologists provide professional expert intervention to deal with the distress caused by a cancer diagnosis.   These specialised techniques include Cognitive Behaviour and Emotion Focused Therapy and a range of other evidence based interventions.

Psycho-Oncology Nursing Support

Specialised one-to-one information and support is available to help you cope with living with cancer and its treatment, especially side-effects. This service is provided by oncology nurses with many years’ experience in the area.

Information and Advice

The aim of the Oncology Nursing Service at Cancer Care West is to provide information, advice and support to cancer patients and their families.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a specialised type of massage for lymphoedema which helps to reduce swelling. The aim is to redirect fluid away from swollen areas towards healthy lymphatics.

Cancer: Thriving and Surviving

We offer a 6 week CTS course approximately twice a year whose aim is to provide patients transitioning from active treatment to living well with and beyond cancer.

Sexuality after Cancer: Patient Support Group for Women

This group aims to be a support for those coping with issues, adjustments or challenges related to their sexuality following cancer. It’s really important that we give people an opportunity to talk about how they are sexually because our sexuality is a huge part of our happiness and how we feel about ourselves. It takes place every three months.

Prostate Group

The Prostrate Cancer Support Group is an online Webinar offered every 3 months in conjunction with Rachel Dalton Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Urology at NUIG. This co-facilitated session offers talks by specialists addressing a range of topics for men associated with diagnosis, treatment and longer-term adjustment to having had prostate disease.

Multiple Myeloma Group

This is a chance to meet others living with Multiple Myeloma over a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. This takes place once every two months on the second Friday.

Bereavement Information Meetings

The Galway Support Centre offers a monthly opportunity to meet other people bereaved by cancer and to offer basic knowledge about ways to live with grief.

Exercise Class\Rehabilitation

We offer a range of classes tailored to the individual’s needs which are easily adaptable to everyday life.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi class takes place once a week and is based on a series of slow, gentle graceful movements which aim to improve the body and mind.


Yoga is a holistic practice which brings harmony to all aspects of our being. Relaxation, through simple movements and gentle breathing, is an integral part of the class. The practice is accessible to everyone, and all are made to feel welcome.

Brain Tumour Support Group

A occasional meeting that offers an opportunity to chat and share stories about living with a brain tumour.

Individual Counselling for Children

Difficulties frequently arise for children when a family member is diagnosed with cancer. We offer individual support to these children in terms of one-to-one counselling, especially for older children who are able to explore these issues by verbalising their concerns.

Therapeutic Play

Cancer Care West offers therapeutic play skills to complement the support offered to children within our service, following a diagnosis of cancer or a diagnosis within the family.  Play therapy uses a variety of play and creative art therapies, including toys, art, therapeutic storytelling, puppets, clay and playdough, and creative visualisation to help children to find a way of speaking about how they are feeling.

With the support of the therapist, therapeutic play provides a safe space, medium and language whereby a child can identify and communicate what they have difficulty articulating, helping the child to identify emotions and explore anxieties, and learn skills to help them cope.

Support for Parents

Parents sometimes seek support in terms of advice about how to manage their children at the time of, and following diagnosis.  Our team of psycho-oncologists have developed expertise in this area and are available to offer guidelines regarding child management and other concerns that may arise.

CUBS Programme

CUBS is an online structured bereavement support programme developed for children aged between 8 and 12 years whose parent has died from cancer. Through play and art, children will learn about grief responses and learn how to cope with feelings.

CLIMB Programme

Cancer Care West also offer the CLIMB programme.  CLIMB is a programme for children aged five to twelve years who are living with the reality of a parent being diagnosed with cancer.  This offers children in this age group the opportunity to come together to explore in a safe way the experience of a parent living with cancer.

Galway Cancer Support Centre

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