Inspiring Stories

Sean’s Story

Cancer Care West has made a difficult period in my life so much easier and even on occasion, with the chat and banter it’s been fun

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Marie’s Story

I was completely unprepared for the wonderful kindness and warmth that I experienced

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Terence’s Story

Sometimes you need a stranger to talk to. Someone who listens as you work through the enormous impact this disease has on your life.

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Ronan’s Story

Organising the event has helped me to deal with Mags’ diagnosis and gave me a purpose during a difficult time.

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Jennifer’s Story

Suddenly I could breathe. I felt lighter, calmer and more able to cope

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Michelle’s Story

There were times I really felt lost, it would have been so much worse if I didn’t have the support of Cancer Care West though

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Terry’s Story

I was so comfortable at the lodge and everything was done for me so I didn’t have to worry about a single thing.

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Anne’s Story

Cancer Care West was there for me when I didn’t know what to expect

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Eithne’s Story

 I will never forget the love and support I received during my treatment and afterwards.

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Eugene’s Story

To have all of this provided for free and with it to be shown such kindness and support was really marvellous.

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Patrick’s Story

I was made feel welcome from the moment I arrived at Inis Aoibhinn.

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Cedric’s Story

The Cancer Care West Support Centre therefore has been an integral part of my cancer journey

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Seán’s Story

I would have been totally lost without the support of Cancer Care West

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Philip’s Story

It is wonderful that I have been able to stay with Mary during her treatment

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Vera’s Story

I made up my mind very early on that I would take this head-on and work my way through it in as positive and confident a manner as possible

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Peter’s Story

Peter Biddulph was a reasonably fit and healthy man in his 60’s when his world turned upside down.

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Anna’s Story

No matter who you are and what your lifestyle, know the symptoms and check yourself regularly.

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Maureen’s Story

When we heard about the CCW bus, which takes patients to and from Mayo to CCW, it was like another gift from Heaven for me and my family

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Christina’s Story

To be able to relieve the stress of the day with a lovely sing along in the evening was a real joy

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The Slattery Family

We get great support from the local community.

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Lorraine’s Story

The care I received at Inis Aoibhinn was so important to me. Everything was provided and if I did need anything I only had to ask

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Philip’s Story

'I’m coming to see you grandad on my bike! It might take a while but I will get there.’

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Sharon’s Story

Having a place where you can name your worst fears out loud and not scare someone to death

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Maria’s Story

I simply wouldn’t have had access to any of these support services if I had had to pay for them myself.

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Ryan’s Story

It was fantastic to be around other people who had had similar experiences, especially after being isolated for so long.

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Breda’s Story

I had a good network of family and friend’s but sessions with the counsellor helped me deal with everything at my own pace

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Seamus’ Story

My lights have raised over €30,000 for Cancer Care West and I know that this is helping other families

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Teresa’s Story

We get great support from the local community.

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Lynne’s Story

From the beginning CCW have supported my psychological needs while also helping me deal with the physical side of my illness.

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Mary’s Story

The relief of the emotional and financial support was huge

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Edward’s Story

Do not underestimate the psychological aspects of this disease and the power of counselling to help

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Kathleen’s Story

The cancer diagnosis and treatment changed everything for me. I look on life quite differently now and treasure every minute I have.

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Mardette’s Story

At Inis Aoibhinn people are kind and understanding, no-one intrudes but yet you know they are there for you.

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Peter’s Story

The rug was well and truly pulled from under me

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Vanessa’s Story

I can relax and just concentrate on myself and my needs because literally everything else is done for me

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Mariéad’s Story

You think about saving for retirement or holidays, but you don’t think about saving for being sick

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