Inspiring Stories

Anne’s Story

Cancer Care West was there for me when I didn’t know what to expect

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Mariéad’s Story

You think about saving for retirement or holidays, but you don’t think about saving for being sick

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Mary’s Story

The relief of the emotional and financial support was huge

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Eithne’s Story

 I will never forget the love and support I received during my treatment and afterwards.

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Michelle’s Story

There were times I really felt lost, it would have been so much worse if I didn’t have the support of Cancer Care West though

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Seamus’ Story

My lights have raised over €30,000 for Cancer Care West and I know that this is helping other families

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Mardette’s Story

At Inis Aoibhinn people are kind and understanding, no-one intrudes but yet you know they are there for you.

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Ronan’s Story

Organising the event has helped me to deal with Mags’ diagnosis and gave me a purpose during a difficult time.

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Teresa’s Story

We get great support from the local community.

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Marie’s Story

I was completely unprepared for the wonderful kindness and warmth that I experienced

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Maria’s Story

I simply wouldn’t have had access to any of these support services if I had had to pay for them myself.

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Seán’s Story

I would have been totally lost without the support of Cancer Care West

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Patrick’s Story

I was made feel welcome from the moment I arrived at Inis Aoibhinn.

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Philip’s Story

It is wonderful that I have been able to stay with Mary during her treatment

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Ryan’s Story

It was fantastic to be around other people who had had similar experiences, especially after being isolated for so long.

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