Patrick’s Story

I stayed at Inis Aoibhinn for 3 and a half weeks while I was having Radiotherapy treatment. I’m from Glenties, Co Donegal and I really didn’t like the idea of staying in a B&B while getting treatment so I was very pleased when I heard that I had a place at Inis Aoibhinn.

I was made feel welcome from the moment I arrived. The staff are wonderful, kind and caring, and always take the time to see how you are doing. One of the greatest things about Inis Aoibhinn is that everyone staying here is in the same boat and that experience brings people together.

I’ve really enjoyed myself here, particularly the mid-week music nights which are legendary – in fact my GP told me before I came to Inis Aoibhinn to make sure that I brought my accordion with me! I know I will miss the banter with the staff and other residents when I leave and am very grateful to Cancer Care West for their support in making a difficult time much easier.

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