Philip’s Story

It was minus 4 degrees outside on the morning of my wife Mary’s first Radiotherapy treatment. We got up at 5am to be on time for Mary’s 9am appointment and to allow for the 2.5 hour trip from Ballina to Galway. When Mary was first diagnosed at Mayo General Hospital we thought that we would travel to Galway every day, but after speaking to others from Mayo who had had Radiotherapy treatment in Galway we asked to stay at Inis Aoibhinn.

Inis Aoibhinn is an amazing place, I cannot praise it enough. You can do your own thing and know that the nurses are there for you if you need them. The food is fantastic and the staff are amazing – you wouldn’t find a hotel as good as this! Everyone staying here is in a similar position and there is always someone to talk to. It is wonderful that I have been able to stay at Inis Aoibhinn with Mary during her treatment, and for our family at home it has been a huge relief to know that Mary is being so well cared for. We are very grateful to everyone at Cancer Care West for supporting us so well.

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